VIVOBASE Home EMF Protection: Science-Based Protection from EMF from Cell Phones/Laptops/WiFi/Cell Towers/Baby Monitors/Dirty Electricity and Home Appliances

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(as of May 06,2021 17:48:14 UTC – Details)

We are exposed around the clock to harmful EMFs. The worst offenders may be in our own homes: cell phones, laptops, microwaves, baby monitors, smart televisions, Wi-Fi connectors, Bluetooth devices, satellite dishes, household wireless and smart devices and more. This exposure impacts vitality and sleep, increases health disorders, weakens the immune system and lowers the quality of well-being. VIVOBASE is a scientifically backed EMF protective device that decreases the dangers of accumulated environmental electromagnetic smog which benefits your body at a cellular level. Electromagnetic frequencies emitted by every electrical device interfere with the bioelectric signals that our cells use to communicate. This leads to a wide variety of health problems and can greatly impede the body’s natural detoxification process. The VIVOBASE family of EMF protection devices (home, car, personal/mobile), create a natural static field for that aligns the water molecules in your skin to prevent harmful frequencies from entering your body and interfering with your health. The VIVOBASE home device has a protective range of 65 feet in all directions. Additional sources of EMF include: cell towers, radar, radiant electric heating, Bluetooth, smart meters, security systems, electric and hybrid cars, smart watches, GPS systems, clock radios, solar panels, dirty electricity, monitors, smart appliances, all wireless devices, projectors, and more. Every electrical device emits them! Symptoms of EMF exposure include: Fatigue, digestive disturbances, weak immune system, lack of concentration or focus, brain fog, metabolic disorders, stress, sleep problems (i.e., waking up groggy, troubling falling asleep/ staying asleep), skin conditions, headaches, tinnitus, tumors, arrhythmia, depression and anxiety. Everyone is affected by EMF, and often we do not notice that we have been experiencing symptoms until after we have been protected for several weeks. Give Yourself the Gift of Health!

Protects your natural bioelectric cellular processes from disruptive man-made emf sources
Reduces the symptoms of cellular stress, brain fog, headaches, fatigue, anxiety and depression
Improves energy levels, detoxification, focus and concentration
Assists with deep and restful sleep and detoxification

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