Kalimba 17 Keys Thumb Piano,Mbira Sanza Wood Finger Piano,Portable Musical Instrument with Tuning Hammer & Study Instruction,Birthday Gift Mother’s Day Gift for Adult Kids Beginners Professional

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Product Description


Kalimba is a musical instrument with ethnic characteristics in Africa. In different African countries, Kalimba has different names, such as Thumb Piano, Mbira, Likembe and Sanza. It is consisting of a wooden board (often fitted with a resonator) with attached staggered metal tines, played by holding the instrument in the hands and plucking the tines with the thumbs.Our thumb piano includes a study guide, so it is easy to learn and play. Our thumb piano is very suitable for children, adults, beginners, professionals. It can stimulate children’s musical talents, and it can also make adults relax and happy from beautiful music. It is the best gift for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthday parties, etc.

KAPUNOS brand has strong after-sales service support. Since buyers choose to trust our KAPUNOS brand, we must work hard to solve buyers’ after-sales problems.

If you encounter problems while browsing our products, you can send email to us and we will answer your doubts in time.

If our thumb piano has any quality problems, we can replace you with a new thumb piano or give you a full refund.

How to Tune Your Kalimba

1 : Tuner

You can use a real tuner or download an App.

Android system app: gStrings.

Apple system app: Instuner.

2 : Tune with harmmer

Making tines longer (from the point where they are held down on the bridge) will lower their pitch, and making them shorter will make their pitch higher.

Tuning step:
Open App.Pluck the key (e.g C4).
If the pointer turns left,tune is FLAT.
If the pointer turns right,tune is SHARP.
If the pointer towards middle,IN TUNE.

Mahogany Wood Box

KAPUNOS thumb piano adopts a box-shaped design, and the box is made of natural high-quality mahogany wood,strong resonance,It makes the played music melodious and lasting.

High Quality Metal Keys

The keys of our thumb piano are made of selected mineral metals,tines of the keys are engraved with notes, will not fall off, high toughness and high strength 17 keys can Smooth operation, crisp and beautiful sound.

Sun Flower Pattern

The sun flower pattern around the pronunciation hole is hand-carved by our carver,the pattern is beautiful and clear,the sun flower embellishment makes our thumb piano appear more noble,this is a perfect combination of art and music.

Round Pronunciation Hole

There is a large circular sound hole on the front of the thumb piano, and 2 small circular sound holes on the back of the thumb piano. You can use 3 sound holes to play different styles of beautiful music.

Easy to Learn and Play

The Kalimba is in small size and easy to hold but has a surprisingly large voice.You can easily learn and play the thumb piano according to our instruction manual,It can stimulate children’s musical talents,It’s a perfect instrument for Adults elders to keep the brain active, challenging the mind and honing hand-ear-eye coordination.

Play Kalimba with Families Friends

We like to share this musical journey with another special person. We may want to share the kalimba playing with our lover. A high school student wants to play with her best friend. A grandmother wants to play with her grandchild, or a father wants to play with his child.So our thumb piano is the best way to communicate with your family and friends.

The Best Gift Choice

If you still don’t know what gift to give to your child, wife, husband, father, mother, friend, KAPUNOS thumb piano is your best choice. It is suitable for Kids about 4 5 6 7 8 9 10+ year old and up, It is suitable for beginners, professionals, adults, and the elderly. Our thumb piano is the best gift for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthday, etc!

Correct Playing Posture

Hold the Kalimba in both hands and pluck the keys with the nails of thumb (as shown in the picture). It is recommended that the length of your nails be 2-3 mm, and the proper strength and angle when playing the thumb piano can make the sounds clean. As you become familiar with the position of the Kalimba keys, you can play some complex but more wonderful songs with some playing techniques, such as double tone.

Paste Color Labels

We usually paste color stickers on the keys to make it easier to find the keys quickly when reading the music notation of Kalimba. First, you can paste a color sticker on the longest key in the middle, and then paste another color sticker on the keys every two keys. You can also label your Kalimba any way you like.

Pronunciation Hole

Kalimba has a main sound hole and two auxiliary sound holes. When you play, you can press your thumb into the main sound hole, which feels like you want to push the sound back, or use two middle fingers to shake on the back auxiliary sound holes to produce a Wah-wah sound. You can even make three holes work together at the same time, and the wah effect will be more obvious.

Chord Playing

You can pluck several keys at once to make a chord. Compared with other musical instruments, Kalimba is set up to play chords nicely and easily. Any 3 adjacent tines will play a wonderful triad chord – we use the nail slides through the thumb piano keys to make a sound. Furthermore, a chord produced by a glissando will ring for several seconds, which will enable you to play a melody on the other keys, and produce some gentle harmony. This makes beautiful music, simply.

【Easy to Learn Instruments】Our package contains the kalimba study manual, even if you are a beginner of thumb piano, you can also have the talent of Kalimba in a short time,you will get play instructions and tips, you can easily play a song in a few minutes,with the help of our professionally produced kalimba study manual, it details the usage and playing method of kalimba, making it easy for you to learn,You only need to move your thumb to get the wonderful music.
【Portable Kalimba 】KAPUNOS kalimba is light and small, we have carefully prepared a thumb piano storage bag for you, you can take our thumb piano to play music wherever you want, such as outdoor, riverside, garden, school, party and Leisure places, etc.
【Widely Used】KAPUNOS thumb piano is suitable for playing a wide range of music: pop, folk, rock, African, classical, carols, you can use our thumb piano to play any music you like, our Kalimba is suitable for Adult Kids Beginners Professional.
【Best Gift】For music lovers, it is such a happy thing to receive a beautiful thumb piano gift,Music can soothe people’s tired emotions and make us calm or happy,Thumb piano not only brings the enjoyment of music, but also brings you the yearning for the art of hearing,Playing Kalimba with your children and loved ones is always a good time to enjoy! You can not only enjoy beautiful music, but also enhance your relationship with your family, so our thumb piano is your best gift choice.

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