EX-25 Automatic Heavy Duty Electric Stapler – Lifetime Coverage by EcoElectronix – for Professional Daily Use – Staples and Power Cable Included – Full Strip Jam-Free Operation – 25-30 Sheet Max

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Product Description

EX-25 Electric Stapler by EcoElectronix

We Love What We Do

Here at EcoElectronix™, we are a family-owned, small business, based in California. Our mission is much bigger than just providing amazing staplers. We aim to produce premium office products using sustainable, environment-friendly materials and manufacturing practices. We believe in fusing innovation, passion, and creativity into everything we do.

And the result is pure magic. We can be proud of the premium products we offer our amazing customers, and we have fun every time we step into the office. Because we believe work should also be our pleasure.

We can’t wait for you to experience the magic of using our patented stapling creation. It may just change your working life too!


A Stapler You Can Be Proud to Show Off In Your Office

Whether you are getting our premium EcoElectronix™ automatic stapler for your home or work office, classroom, or even your kitchen counter, you can feel a sense of nobility knowing that you are using a superior, and environment-friendly stapler.

We designed our slim and sleek stapler to look clean and professional on your workspace, without unattractive bulkiness and without be too noisy. You can rely on getting any stapling job done right, without the risk of our stapler jamming or putting any strain on your hands. It will change the way you staple!

Precision Stapling At Its Finest

We created our portable stable with a precision stapling guide so that you can choose from 14 different settings for maximum efficiency when stapling. Easily adjust and lock-in the throat depth with ease and accuracy anywhere between .25 inches and 1.5 inches with 1/10 inch intervals in between each setting.

It’s Surprising How Fun It Is To Use

We built our premium stapler to last, using top craftsmanship and innovation. And what’s even more exciting is that it’s actually super fun and easy-to-use. Simply place your stack of papers inside our automatic stapler, and watch stapling poetry in action. Now you’ll actually look forward to quickly conquering stapling projects, instead of dreading them. You can thank us later.

We Believe in Giving Back

A big part of our company culture is founded on the belief that success is measured in the amount of positive impact we have on our customers and the world we live in. We responsibility created our professional EcoElectronix™ staplers with impact-resistant ABS material and sustainable environment-friendly manufacturing practices. We also happily donate a portion of sales to environmental charities including, Rainforest Alliance and Earth Justice, because a better world benefits everyone!

What’s Included With Your Purchase

1. A Deluxe, Electric Stapler (Measurements are 7 x 1.9 x 2.8 inches)
2. Premium-Grade Standard Staples
3. AC Power Adapter Cable

Makes a Perfect Gift for the Busy Professional In Your Life

If you are looking for a cool and thoughtful gift to give your classy friend, then you might want to consider giving them our deluxe EcoElectronix™ Electric Stapler. It makes stapling fun, easy, and precise without causing hand fatigue and soreness, and without wasting a ton of unnecessary time like boring, manual staplers. Your friend will thank you for the upgrade in life, using this important office tool!

It’s as Easy as 1-2-3

Are you ready to enjoy the easiest way to staple? Simply plug in our deluxe stapler into a power unit with our bonus AC Power Cable, or insert 6 AA Batteries (batteries not included). Then, select the depth of the the stack of papers you want to stable. Lastly, insert the stack of papers inside the stapler, and watch our amazing stapler automatically place the perfect staple in a split-second. It’s pretty magical!


Some Awesome Features Worth Mentioning:

Convenient Staple Tray Release Button:

We included an easy release button on the back of our staplers to easily reload a full strip of standard staples without any hassle.

Battery or AC Power Option:

Our portable stapler can run on six AA batteries or be plugged into a power unit with the AC power cable we included.

Plus, the extended battery life lets you staple up to 8,000 stacks of paper on a single set of batteries!

Jam-Free Design:

Our high-end EcoElectronix™ stapler is compact enough to be used handheld or while sitting nicely on a desk.

Our patented design can quickly and quietly staple up to 25 sheets of standard 20 lb. paper without causing any time-consuming jamming that take forever to fix.

Welcome to Stapler Heaven!

HEAVY-DUTY & QUIET: The EX-25 staples up to 25-30 sheets of paper in an instant using the AC Power Adapter (included) or 6 x AA batteries. Our heavy-duty stapler is simple, efficient, and quiet and will arrive pre-loaded with a full-strip of 210 premium staples. We thought of everything in our patented design to give you a reliable stapling experience. The EX-25 uses standard 1/4″ (0.25 inch) full strips of staples.
TRUE LIFETIME WARRANTY: Time tested quality you can count on. Have peace of mind knowing your purchase is backed by our Lifetime Warranty. If your EX-25 stapler ever has an issue we can’t fix quickly, we (EcoElectronix) will send a free replacement to your door with no hassle or delay.
YOUR TIME IS YOUR GREATEST ASSET… As busy individuals working in the information age, we all want to find important ways to save time, hassle, and money. That’s why we are so pleased to introduce you to an amazing way to save tons of your valuable time each week. With our EcoElectronix electric stapler, you won’t spend endless amounts of time stapling stacks of paper together. You can enjoy stapling up to 25 sheets of paper in a split-second, without damaging your hands.
SAY GOODBYE TO SORE HANDS FROM STAPLING— FOREVER! Traditional, manual staplers can be a real pain. They cause major problems for your hands and wrists— especially when trying to staple large stacks of paper together. With our EcoElectronix high-end stapler, you’ll never have to worry about getting carpal tunnel and arthritis from repetitive stapling. Our premium electric stapler does all the work for you. So you can enjoy a pain-free, fun, and beautiful stapling experience!
PERFECT ACCURACY WITH EVERY STAPLE: Unless you’re a stapling champion, chances are your stapling skills aren’t always on point. We’ve all been there, right? Sometimes stapling too close to the edge, sometimes too far away, or maybe just a mangled staple that didn’t make it all the way through your stack of papers. Our top quality electric stapler solves this annoying problem, by giving you a perfect staple. Every time. Plus, it works on both battery power or AC Power.

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