DAOKI LCD Keypad Shield LCD1602 Expansion Board Module Display for Arduino UNO R3 AMEGA2560 Nano Raspberry Pi with Dupont Cable

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Uses digital pins 4 – 10, and analog pin 0.

Instruction 1: clear display, instruction 01H, cursor reset to address 00H position.
Instruction 2: The cursor is reset and the cursor returns to address 00H.
Instruction 3: Cursor and display mode setting I / D: cursor movement direction, high level shift right, low left shift S: whether all the text on the screen left or right. High level is valid, low level is invalid.
Instruction 4: Display switch control. D: control the overall display of the open and close, high level that open display, low level that off display C: control the cursor on and off, high level that has a cursor, low level that no cursor B: control whether the cursor Flashing, high level flashing, low level does not blink.
Instruction 5: Cursor or display shift S / C: Move the displayed text at high level, move the cursor at low level.
Instruction 6: Function setting command DL: 4-bit bus at high level, 8-bit bus at low level N: Single-line display at low level, double-line display at high level F: 5×7 dot matrix character when low level is displayed, High-level display of 5×10 dot matrix characters.
Instruction 7: Character generator RAM address setting.
Instruction 8: DDRAM address setting.
Instruction 9: read busy signal and cursor address BF: busy flag, high level that busy, and then the module cannot connect Receive the command or data, if the low level that is not busy.
Instruction 10: Write data.
Instruction 11: Read data.

Package included:
1 x LCD Keypad Shield
2 x 40Pin Female to Male

【Compatibility】This is a 16×2 LCD Keypad module for Arduino
【4 Bit LCD Library】
【V3 design】Pins out for easy connecting
【Blue Backlight】With white words, adjustable backlighting.
【Application】Keypad for menu selection and user interface programming.

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